Why should I choose the services of Cleaning Station?

We guarantee fast, uncompromising quality and reasonable prices of our services to you. Each order is cleaned individually and is treated in the most appropriate way and with professional detergents of the highest quality. The machines we use are new generation machines, which are environmentally friendly and provide incomparable results. And the professionals who will take care of your clothes have many years of experience in the field of dry cleaning.

How do I place an order?

You can place your order in the following ways: 

• Fill out our online form  (линк към поръчка)

• Make a phone call to +359 885 270 080. 

How long after ordering you will pick up my clothes?

Once your order is placed, our employee will come to pick up your clothes as soon as possible.

How do I prepare my clothes for cleaning?

There are no special requirements, it is important to check and free your pockets from any objects and valuables.

When will I get my clothes back?

Within 24 hours you will have your clothes back.

When do I have to pay?

Payment takes place at the time of returning the clothes.

May I pay with a card?

Card payments are still unavailable. Prepare to pay in cash.

Where can I see the prices of your services?

Линк към цени

What are the delivery costs?

The pick-up and return service is FREE for Sofia for orders over BGN 30.00. For orders under BGN 30.00, the amount of BGN 5.00 is charged for the transport service.

Can I add something to my order that I missed?

Of course, just inform the courier to include the additional clothes in the documentation.

Which areas do you serve?

We visit private homes, offices and other sites within the city of Sofia.

There is a problem with the clothes you returned to me?

When our courier returns your cleaned clothes, please check them at the site and express your comments immediately so that we can respond appropriately.