Privacy policy

Privacy Policy


PROVIDER – Cleaning Station EOOD, owner of the PLATFORM;

USER/CUSTOMER – any adult of legal age who uses the PLATFORM;

THE PLATFORM – the website of the Cleaning Station EOOD: www.cleaningstation.bg.

Art. 1. The subject matter of this Privacy Policy is to regulate the relationship between the PROVIDER and the USER arising during personal data processing when using the PLATFORM.

Art. 2. Information about the PROVIDER:

  1. Name of Provider: Cleaning Station EOOD
  2. Registered office and address of management: Sofia, Mladost 1, bl. 11, entr. 2, apt. 56
  3. Data for correspondence: office@cleaningstation.bg, tel: + 359 879 448 440
  4. Registration in the public registers: The Commercial Register at the Registry Agency to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  5. Supervisory authorities – Commission for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Bulgaria, address: Sofia, 1592, Blvd.  Prof. TsvetanLazarov No.2, tel.: 02/915 35 18 fax: 02/915 35 25, E-mail: kzld@cpdp.bg, Internet site: www.cpdp.bg.

Art. 3. The collection, storage and use of your personal data complies with the requirements of the applicable law and the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Bulgaria. 

Art. 4. We collect, store and use the following information:

  1. Information about your computer and your visits to the PLATFORM, including, but not limited to, your IP address, geographic location, browser type and version, operating system, length of visit, visited pages;
  2. Information related to your requests and orders;
  3. Personal data provided by the USER when filling in our order form;

Art. 5. The personal data provided will be used for the following purposes:

  1. Administration of the PLATFORM and the business;
  2. Individualization of the  PLATFORM for you;
  3. To contact the USER when generating orders from and to an address;
  4. To issue invoices in your name;
  5. To send request confirmations;
  6. For conducting sociological studies in relation to improving the quality of our services.

Art. 6. Our PLATFORM uses cookies in order to improve the quality of our services. 

Art. 7.  We process your data for statistical purposes, this means for analyses in which the results are only aggregated and therefore the data is anonymous. It is not possible to identify a particular person from this information.

Art. 8. By using the PLATFORM, the USER agrees that his/her personal data will be processed by the PROVIDER for the purposes of the conditions set out in the General Terms.

Art. 9. The domains and trademarks: “cleaningstation.bg” – owned by the team of Cleaning Station EOOD is subject to protection of the Bulgarian and international law in the field of intellectual property.

Art. 10. In case of misuse of the trade mark or domain, as well as in case of dissemination of false and derogating the prestige information, the team reserves the right to seek legal responsibility if this is deemed necessary.

Art. 11. The hyperlinks of “cleaningstation.bg” to other websites are for the convenience of the user or in the context of specific information. “Cleaningstation.bg” is not responsible for the content contained in external hyperlinks. Such use does not require the official confirmation or approval of any website, product or service in the private sector. “Cleaningstation.bg” does not exercise any editorial interference with the information that can be found in these places. The links to “cleaningstation.bg” are welcome.

Art. 12. For copying and dissemination of information from “cleaningstation.bg” the explicit written permission of the team is required. RRS feeds and hyperlinks are completely free for commercial and personal use.

Art. 13.  The team of “cleaningstation.bg” is not responsible for whether the users of the website have reached the age of majority and whether they have been authorized to use it.

Art. 14. The data is used exclusively to improve user usability, for personalization of the information and improvement of the products and services. The development team of “cleaningstation.bg” is committed to protect the confidentiality of these data and reserves its right to use the information for its own statistical and marketing purposes. The information may also be used for legal investigations permitted by the law.

Art. 15. The team of Cleaning Station EOOD has the right to place advertisements on the website. Some of the advertising banners can activate a cookie from the advertiser. These cookies are in no way controlled by the team of “cleaningstation.bg”, and the advertiser bears sole responsibility for the consequences caused by them.

Art. 16. Statistical information is collected for the purposes of managing the site. The team of “cleaningstation.bg” uses software for creating short statistics to assess which information is more or less interesting or to identify the operation of the system or problem areas.

Art. 17. The information collected for the visits to “cleaningstation.bg” includes the date, time and name of the Internet domain through which the website was visited. If you have chosen to provide “cleaningstation.bg” personal information by e-mail, we use it only to respond to your e-mail or in the context of these terms and conditions.

Art. 18. For the security of the site and to ensure that the service is available to all users, the cleaningstation.bg team uses software to monitor the network traffic and to recognize illegal attempts for entering or changing information or for causing damage.

Art. 19. We process your personal data on this basis only after explicit, unambiguous and voluntary consent on your part. We will not provide any adverse consequences for you if you refuse  processing of your personal data.

On this basis, we only process the data for which you have given us your explicit consent. Specific data shall be determined for each individual case. Typically, data includes:

  • E-mail;
  • Telephone;
  • Address;
  • Names;

Art. 20. The consents granted may be revoked at any time. If you withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data for any or all of the ways described above, we will not use your personal data and information for the purposes specified above.

Art. 21. The data collected on this basis, we delete at your request or after the stipulated in the Accountancy Act (AA) and within the deadlines provided for in the Tax Insurance Procedure Code (TIPC).

Art. 22. In order to ensure adequate protection of the data of the company and its customers, we apply all necessary organizational and technical measures provided for in the Personal Data Protection Act.

For the purpose of maximal security in processing, transferring and storing your data, we may use additional security mechanisms such as encryption, pseudonymisation, etc.

Art. 23. Each User of the site uses all rights for personal data protection under Bulgarian law and European Union law.

Art. 24. Each user is entitled to:

  • Information (regarding the processing of personal data by the controller);
  • Access to your own personal data;
  • Correction (if data is inaccurate);
  • Deletion of personal data (right “to be forgotten”);
  • Restriction of processing by the controller or processor of personal data;
  • Transfer of personal data between individual administrators;
  • Objection to the processing of his personal data;
  • The data subject shall have the right and not be the subject of a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which produces legal consequences for the data subject or, in a similar way, affects him to a significant extent;
  • Right of defence by judicial or administrative forms in case the rights of the data subject have been violated.

Art. 25. The user can request deletion if one of the following conditions is present:

  • Personal data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed;
  • The user withdraws his/her consent on which the data processing is based and has no other legal basis for the processing;
  • The data user objects to the processing and there are no legitimate grounds for the processing that prevail;
  • Personal data have been unlawfully processed;
  • Personal data must be erased in order to comply with a legal obligation under the Union law or the law of a Member State that applies to the controller;

Art. 26. The user has the right to restrict the processing of his/her personal data by the controller when:

  • He challenges the accuracy of the personal data. In this case, the restriction of processing is for a period allowing the controller to verify the accuracy of the personal data;
  • The processing is unlawful, but the user does not want the personal data to be erased, but requires a restriction of their use instead;
  • The controller does not need the personal data for the purposes of the processing, but the User requires them for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims;
  • He objects to the processing pending verification if the legitimate grounds of the administrator prevail over the interests of the User.

Art. 27. The user may request exercising his/her rights by sending a request electronically to the office@cleaningstation.bg.

Art. 28. The users have the right to object to the controller against the processing of their personal data. The controller of personal data is obliged to cease processing unless he proves that there are compelling legitimate grounds for the processing that take precedence over the interests, rights and freedoms of the data subject or for the establishment, the exercise or defence of legal claims. When objecting to the processing of personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, the processing should be terminated immediately.

Art. 29. Cookies are information files that are stored on your computer’s hard disk that records how you navigate a website. Cookies can be used for traffic analysis as well as for advertising and marketing purposes.

Art. 30. We use cookies to understand how you use our site. This analysis helps us develop and improve the site, as well as the products and/or services and to offer you what you need.

Art. 31. Disputes that arise are settled by means of negotiations and mutual concessions, and when this proves impossible, the dispute shall be referred to the court.

Art. 32. The team of “cleaningstation.bg” reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy where all amendments and additions enter into force when they are published on the website.